[ahr010] Tim Gaze - Neo

Catalog: [AHR-010]
Release date: 2009-09-05
Artist: Tim Gaze
Title: NEO
Written, performed, produced and artwork by Tim Gaze, 2009
Country: Australia
Keywords: D.I.Y Futurism, Sound Art, Sound Poetry, Field Recordings
Total time 21:33
Recorded: 2009
Digital quality: VBR mp3
Size: 21 mb


d.i.y. futurism is my style.
This is a short album, made using a Sony mono IC recorder & an old computer running freeware audio software (Audacity, several plug-in effects, & other apps)

track 5: improvised vocals in a service tunnel which runs parallel to the railway tunnel between Mt Barker & Littlehampton
track 8: I''m pretty sure some sounds by Matt Dalby are in there. I don''t keep notes!
the tracks & artwork are covered by a Creative Commons Attribution license
big up, Luis Antero!


1. sine song (2:02)
2. Vega (1:06)
3. extravaganza (0:27)
4. synthetic (0:26)
5. foot tunnel vocals (1:10)
6. textures (1:25)
7. tap song (0:34)
8. cacophonics (1:40)
9. jungle or swamp into cave (3:49)
10. flow (0:31)
11. toy feedback (0:44)
12. space music (7:32)

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