Another Hemisphere Records – is a Russian net-label dedicated to releasing Sound Poetry, Audio Art and Music Avantgarde from around the world.

The label is organised on the basis of Magazine of literary and art avant-guard "Another Hemisphere/Drugoe Polusharie" and the International Academy Zaumi.

All albums and EP releases are available for free download in mp3 format individually or packaged using winZIP or winRAR under under CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE for personal use.


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[ahr012] Philip Meersman & Friends - Live Performance

Catalog: [AHR-012]
Release date: 2010-10-15
Artist: Philip Meersman, Melissa Dow, Dirk Elst, Andries & Maarten De Bock
Country: Belgium
Keywords: Live Performance, Sound Poetry, Poetry & Music Performance
Recorded: 2010-04-02
Total time: 59:06
Digital quality: MP3, 128 kbps, 44Hz, Stereo
Size: 54 mb

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[ahr011] v/a - Lapa Azora 2009: Only Sound

Catalog: [AHR-011]
Release date: 2009-10-20
Artist: Various Artists
Notes: Live recorded at Festival Of Sound Poetry LAPA AZORA: ONLY SOUND (24.09.2009, Moscow, club “Ulitsa OGI”)
Edit. & Recorded by Evgenij V. Kharitonov
Country: Russia, Belarus, Germany
Keywords: Sound Poetry, Text-Sound, Video Poetry, Futurism, Russian Avant-garde
Total time: 60:18
Recorded: 24.09.2009
Digital quality: mp3, 128 kbps, video avi
Size: 75 mb


1. Sergej Birjukov (11:02) 10mb
2. German Lukomnikov (12:46) 12mb
3. Anna Kharitonova (2:43) 3mb
4. Dmitrij Strotsev (12:21) 11mb
5. Sveta Litvak (5:26) 5mb
6. Vera Sazhina (8:05) 7mb
7. Vjacheslav Kuprijanov (5:24) 5mb
8. German Vinogradov [fragment] (0:23) 363kb
9. Alexandr Gornon & Pavel Baykov [video avi, fragment] (2:08) 25mb

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[ahr010] Tim Gaze - Neo

Catalog: [AHR-010]
Release date: 2009-09-05
Artist: Tim Gaze
Title: NEO
Written, performed, produced and artwork by Tim Gaze, 2009
Country: Australia
Keywords: D.I.Y Futurism, Sound Art, Sound Poetry, Field Recordings
Total time 21:33
Recorded: 2009
Digital quality: VBR mp3
Size: 21 mb


d.i.y. futurism is my style.
This is a short album, made using a Sony mono IC recorder & an old computer running freeware audio software (Audacity, several plug-in effects, & other apps)

track 5: improvised vocals in a service tunnel which runs parallel to the railway tunnel between Mt Barker & Littlehampton
track 8: I''m pretty sure some sounds by Matt Dalby are in there. I don''t keep notes!
the tracks & artwork are covered by a Creative Commons Attribution license
big up, Luis Antero!


1. sine song (2:02)
2. Vega (1:06)
3. extravaganza (0:27)
4. synthetic (0:26)
5. foot tunnel vocals (1:10)
6. textures (1:25)
7. tap song (0:34)
8. cacophonics (1:40)
9. jungle or swamp into cave (3:49)
10. flow (0:31)
11. toy feedback (0:44)
12. space music (7:32)

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[ahr009] Evgenij V. Kharitonov - Nankov's Bulgarism

Catalog: [AHR-009]
Release date: 2009-09-05
Artist: Evgenij V. Kharitonov
Country: Russia – Bulgaria – USA
Notes: Bulgarian phonetic poetry
Poetry texts: Nikita Nankov (Bulgaria – USA)
Sound performances: Evgenij V. Kharitonov, 2008
Keywords: Sound Poetry, Text Sound, Zaum
Total time 11:39
Recorded: 2007-2008
Available: VBR mp3
Size: 14 mb


1. 17 variations from Nikita Nankov (5:04)
2. Barbolinke (1:05)
3. Dust (0:22)
4. Gorilka (0:09)
5. In Memoriam Of Tatko Rene (0:51)
6. Kaktusi (1:05)
7. Krugopogovorka (0:41)
8. Muuu (0:21)
9. Noscht e (0:15)
10. Populyarnaja Istoria iskusstv (0:37)
11. Prosti pravopisani pravila (0:23)
12. Voda s led (0:46)


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[ahr008] Evgenij V. Kharitonov & Ugol Ratmanova - Strelka set: Live Performance

Catalog: [AHR-008]
Release date: 2009-05-24
Artist: Evgenij V. Kharitonov & Ugol Ratmanova
Title: STRELKA SET (Live Performance at Strelka Poetry Fest.)
Country: Russia
Live recording at Record Club, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, on 18-04-2009
Poetry & Sound Poetry by Evgenij V. Kharitonov, 2009
Electronic sound, sound art by Igor Orlov & Sergey Kniazkov (Ugol Ratmanova), 2009
Keywords: Sound Poetry, Sound Art, Poetry & Electronic, Live Performance
Total time 23:11
Digital quality: mp3 192 kbps; mp3 320 kbps
Size: 32 mb (192kbps), 53mb (320kbps)


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Photo by Anna Lazareva, 2009

The duet of electronic experimental music and sound art Ugol Ratmanova has been created by
Sergey Kniazkov (Fake McName, Sawsaw) and Igor Orlov (Hypsmoik, IEN) at the beginning of 2008 in Moscow, Russia.
It took only a few hours to record the first live album of the project, called "Live Sessions 100308", as the result "live sessions'' conception" was born, in the frame of which most of Ugol Ratmanova''s musical material has been created.
Ugol Ratmanova works in several music styles: from glitch and idm to drone and dark ambient.
Harsh broken rhythms overflow with the atmospheric noise patterns and microtonal minimalistic sound structures.
These musicians constantly experiment with many handmade synths and unusual sound sources,
using nonconventional methods and creatively different techniques.
During 2008, Ugol Ratmanova took active part in many live acts, performing at various Moscow stages and becoming members of numerous mutual projects in cooperation with video-art performers and laute-poets. Since October 2008 they launched the new media project "Nanocast by Ugol Ratmanova", in which they publish different kind of studio experiments and sound art sketches, as well as live concert performances. It runs on a regular basis and can be found on their website and also on their record label portal.
EVGENIJ V. KHARITONOV was born in 1969 in Moscow. The Russian poet, sound and visual poet, the musician, the researcher of science fiction. The publisher and the editor-in-chief of magazine of literary and art avant-guard "DRUGOE POLUSHARIE / ANOTHER HEMISPHERE"(http://drugpolushar.narod.ru/drugPolusharie.htm), the operator of netlabel of Sound Poetry "ANOTHER HEMISPHERE RECORDS", the organizer, the editor of CD-anthology and the almanac of sound and visual poetry, video and audio art "arTronic" (online release: http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=subject%3A%22arTronic%22), the curator of the Moscow annual festival of experimental and sound poetry "LAPA AZORA". The author of several books of the experimental poetry, many publications in the international editions.
Has written down 10 albums Sound Poetry.
On many international label and netlabel lets out albums of experimental electronic music (musical pseudonyms EUGENEKHA, YOKO ABSORBING, MICROBIT PROJECT, NAMELESS DANCERS).

[ahr007] Tim Gaze - Exeter Hotel Sound Poetry

Catalog: [AHR-007]
Release date: 2009-05-13
Artist: Tim Gaze
Title: EXETER HOTEL SOUND POETRY (Live 5-03-09 & Remixes)
Country: Australia
Live recording at Exeter Hotel, Adelaide, South Australia, on 05-03-09
Sound Poetry by Tim Gaze, 2009
Remixes by Mike Cannell (UK) and ZhangJW (China)
Keywords: Sound Poetry, Live Poetry, Audio Art
Total time 17:56
Size: 19 mb


1. Tim Gaze - Exeter Hotel sound poetry live version (6:11)
2. Mike Cannell - Cannell Remix Of Exeter Hotel sound poetry (5:36)
3. ZhangJW - ZhangJW Remix Of Exeter Hotel sound poetry live version (3:15)
4. Tim Gaze - Tim Remix Of Tim (2:54)

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[ahrart-001] v/a - arTronic: Anthology-1

Catalog: [AHRart-001/a] + [AHRart-001/b]
Release date: 2009-02-15
Artist: Various Artists
Edit. by Evgenij V. Kharitonov
Artwork by Stas Ischenko, Front Cover by Tatiana Bounch-Osmolovskaya
Country: Worldwide
Keywords: Sound Poetry, Text Sound, Video Art, Video Sound Poetry, Visual Poetry, Digital Poetry, Artistic Book
Part 1: World Sound Poetry
Part 2: World Video Art, Visual Poetry and Digital Poetry


1. Amanda Stewart (Australia) - it Becomes July 1984 (0:50)
2. Amanda Stewart (Australia) - IXIT (6:33)
3. Amanda Stewart (Australia) - Mathematical Symbol (8:14)
4. Amanda Stewart (Australia) - mt (4:33)
5. Amanda Stewart (Australia) - Sound and Sence (1:18)
6. Tim Gaze (Australia) - Welwelwelcome (0:37)
7. Tim Gaze (Australia) - Electronic music (1:00)
8. Tim Gaze (Australia) - Acoustic medley (1:08)
9. Tim Gaze & David Curnow (Australia) - Tim'n'Dave Part 1 (3:17)
10. Tim Gaze (Australia) - Phonemes (2:13)

11. Joerg Piringer (Austria) - Evil (1:43)

12. Dmitrij Strotsev (Belarus) - Tri bogatyrya (1:36)
13. Dmitrij Strotsev (Belarus) - Syraya doch' (1:52)
14. Dmitrij Strotsev (Belarus) - Khlebnikov (Live in Festival Lapa Azora 2008) (0:27)
15. Dmitrij Strotsev (Belarus) - Molchanie Adama (Live in Festival Lapa Azora 2008) (1:04)
16. Dmitrij Strotsev (Belarus) - V shersti gorjachej (Live in Festival Lapa Azora 2008) (1:39)
17. Vera Burlak (Belarus) - Ruh (0:40)
18. Dzmitry Dzmitryjeu (Belarus) - Samota (0:59)
19. Viktar Zhybul (Belarus) - Kana-Liza (3:52)

20. Jelle Meander (Belgium) - Coitus Interruptus (Live 2005) (1:16)
21. Jelle Meander (Belgium) - Kolo kolo (Live 2005) (0:41)
22. Jelle Meander (Belgium) - Ode To Joerg (2:31)
23. Jelle Meander (Belgium) - ZeemZoetLieke (from Synthetic Poems) (0:29)
24. Philip Meersman [DAstrugistenDA] (Belgium) - Barst De Waarheid (3:26)
25. DAstrugistenDA (Belgium) – Peter Ian Waugh (UK – Austria). ein morgen gedicht (5:30)
26. Philip Meersman [DAstrugistenDA] (Belgium) - Gare Du Nord on a Friday Evening (3:17)
27. Philip Meersman [DAstrugistenDA] (Belgium) - Last Post (1:08)

29. Valeri Scherstjanoi (Germany - Russia) - Live in Warszawa 1-2.12.2007 (Selected Zaum Poems 1985-2007) (29:10)
30. David Moss (Germany - USA) - Wittgenstein Sings (2:53)
31. Isabeella Beumer (Germany) - Mouth Navigation (4:01)
32. Hartmut Geerken (Germany) - Paul Scheerbart "Lifakubo iba solla ..." (1897) (13:33)
33. Hartmut Andryczuk (Germany) - Hommage to HAL 9000 (0:44)
34. Dirk HuelsTrunk (Germany) - Black Box Part 1 (3:28)
35. Dirk HuelsTrunk (Germany) - Black Box Part 2 (1:53)
36. Dirk HuelsTrunk (Germany) - Black Box Part 3 (4:35)
37. Dirk Huelstrunk (Germany) - Nie (3:26)
38. Michael Lentz (Germany) with Axel Kuehn (Germany) - 4 Fotos (9:15)
39. Michael Lentz (Germany) with Axel Kuehn - Dolfi (6:28)

40. Jaap Blonk (Holland) - Live in Stuttgart 04.09.2007 (28:30)

41. Sergej Birjukov (Russia - Germany) with Sergej Letov (Russia) - Kostroma Part 1 & 2 (1:55)
42. Sergej Birjukov (Russia - Germany) - Chlebnikov (Live in Festival Lapa Azora 2008) (1:11)
43. Sergej Birjukov (Russia - Germany) - In Memoriam DADA (1:29)
44. Sergej Birjukov (Russia - Germany) with Sergej Letov (Russia) - Phonocomposition (0:46)
45. Sergej Birjukov (Russia - Germany) - Stihi dlja zevajuschih (Live in Festival Lapa Azora 2008) (1:49)
46. Sergej Birjukov (Russia - Germany) with Sergej Letov (Russia, music) - Suchen Nach Hugo Ball (1:43)
47. Evgenij V. Kharitonov (Russia) - Dali (2007-2008) (3:44)
48. Evgenij V. Kharitonov (Russia) - Angry Poema Part 1 - 4 (6:10)
49. Evgenij V. Kharitonov (Russia) - Argo / Zjar'-poema (2006 - 2008) (9:53)
50. Evgenij V. Kharitonov (Russia) - Poem Of Wind Part 1-3 (6:10)
51. Evgenij V. Kharitonov (Russia) - Urok Istorii (Schjers) (2:52)
52. Vera Sazhina (Russia) - Live Performance in Festival "Lapa Azora" 25.02.2008 (6:56)
53. Alexandr Bubnov (Russia) - Live Performance in Festival LAPA AZORA 2008 (1:51)
54. Alexander Bubnov (Russia) - 4nadstiho (4:08)
55. Razxca aka Mikhail Gusenkov (Russia) - Ukie-e (2008) (0:49)
56. Razxca aka Mikhail Gusenkov (Russia) - Vlad Volochay (Ukraina): Vyhodi v Asju (asq) (8:33)
57. Danila Davydov (Russia) - Live Performance in Festival "LAPA AZORA" 25.02.2008 (1:00)
58. Sveta Litvak (Russia) - Live Performance in Festival LAPA AZORA 2008 (3:39)
59. Dina Gatina (Russia) - Live Performance in Festival "LAPA AZORA" 25.02.2008 (1:04)
60. Alexej Sosna (Russia) - Text-vocal Performance 24.07.2008 (4:36)

61. David Strang (UK) - Audio Piece (5:32)

62. Hartmut Geerken, Sergej Birjukov & Valeri Scherstjanoi - Live Performans. 3durch3 Stuttgart 19.03.2008 (2:42)


Mark W. SUTHERLAND (Canada)
Wasterdmov (.mov)

Elena POPOVA (UK – Russia)
Theory (.mov)
Visual Poetry (.mov)

Snezhana REIZEN (Russia)
Shinellect (.mpg)
[visual & music by Snezhana Reizen]
Eyeorb (Seed-Bed) (.wmv)
[visual by Snezhana Reizen; Music by Snezhana Reizen & Dmitrij Rubanov]

Edgar SCHERSTJANOI (Germany)
Hugo Ball: Karawane (.avi)

Valerij SILIVANOV (Russia)
Digital Phonetic & Digital Visual Palindrome’s (.gif, mp3, doc)

Sergej Birjukov (Russia – Germany),
Jaap Blonk (Holland),
Tatiana Bounch Osmolovskaya (Russia – Australia),
Ivan Chudasov (Russia),
Tim Gaze (Australia),
Elena Katsuba (Russia),
Konstantin Kedrov (Russia),
Evgenij V. Kharitonov (Russia),
Mikhail Lezin (Russia),
Alexandr Motsar (Ukraine),
Valeri Scherstjanoi (Germany – Russia),
Amanda Stewart (Australia)

Nikolai Baitov
Dmitrij Zimin
Eduard Kulemin
Sergej Kynchev
Valeri Scherstjanoi
Evgenij V. Kharitonov

Henri CHOPIN (1922 – 2008)
Audiopoems Part 1 (mp3)
Audiopoems Part 2 (mp3)

Anna ALCHUK (1955 – 2008)
Live in Festival Lapa Azora 25.02.2008 (Moscow) (mp3)

Page Of Release
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[ahr006] Sergej Birjukov feat. Sergej Letov

Catalog: [AHR-006]
Release date: 2009-02-13
Artist: Sergej Birjukov
Country: Russia / Germany
Keywords: Sound Poetry, Text Poetry, Live Poetry, Poetry & Music
Texts by, Voice by, Performers by Sergej Birjukov: 2007;
Music by, Instruments by Sergej Letov: 2007
Total time 32:33
Digital Quality: 128 kbps mp3
Size: 25 mb

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[ahr005] Evgenij V. Kharitonov - Sonorus Objects

Catalog: [AHR-005]
Release date: 2009-02-11
Artist: Evgenij V. Kharitonov
Country: Russia
Keywords: Sound Poetry, Articulation
Performers by, Composers by, Recorded by and Artwork by Evgenij V. Kharitonov: 2007-2008
Total time 10:47
Digital quality: VBR mp3, 128 kbps mp3
Size: 15 mb (VBR mp3), 10 mb (128 kbps)


1. Articulation Mixer Volum 1 (3:39)
2. Articulation Mixer Volum 2 (2:31)
3. Articulation Mixer Volum 3 (2:22)
4. Pata-Ku Pata-Ka (0:13)
5. Sonora Object (2:02)

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[ahr004] Tim Gaze & David Curnow - Noises & Voices

Catalog: [AHR-004]
Release date: 2009-01-11
Artist: Tim Gaze & David Curnow
Country: Australia
Keywords: Sound Poetry, Digital Sound Poetry, Sound Art
Performers by, Composers by and Recorded by Tim Gaze and David Curnow: 2002-2008
Artwork by Tim Gaze
Total time 33:21
Digital quality: 128 kbps mp3
Size: 32 mb


1. Chambers Creek (0:33)
2. Siren (0:29)
3. Welwelwelcome (0:37)
4. Acoustic medley (1:08)
5. Electronic music (1:01)
6. Tim''n''Dave 3 Part 1 (3:17)
7. First collage (2:34)
8. Phonemes (5:36)
9. Electronic medley (2:20)
10. Tim''n''Dave 3 Part 2 (6:33)
11. Pigs (3:29)
12. Second collage (4:23)
13. Whistling wind (1:14)
14. Whoosh ding! (0:07)

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[ahr003] Общество Зрелища - Car Service Station Jesus Christ

Catalog: [AHR-003]
Release date: 2008
Artist: Obschestvo Zrelischa
Title: Car Service Station Jesus Christ
Country: Russia
Keywords: Text sound, Radio Art, Radio Piece, Concept
Authors by Alexej Shepelev (text, voice) and Alexand Frolov (voices, sound)
Recorded: 2008
Total time 80:31
Digital quality: 128 kbps mp3, Ogg Vorbis, 64 kbps mp3
Size 73 mb


1. Car Service Station ''''Jesus Christ'''' Part 1 (15:42)
2. Car Service Station ''''Jesus Christ'''' Part 2 (18:28)
3. Car Service Station ''''Jesus Christ'''' Part 3 (16:30)
4. Car Service Station ''''Jesus Christ'''' Part 4 (17:16)
5. Car Service Station ''''Jesus Christ'''' Part 5 (12:35)

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The Society Of Spectacle,
Music band & literature association

Creative association «Society Of Spectacle (Sight)» deals with avant-garde, radical or marginal art, and also in many ways based on traditions of situationism, Russian trans-rational (zaum’) art and poetry. The main part of the «Society Of Spectacle» is rock-band with the same name. In their art issues – music recordings, literature, audio-books, book-art and show performances «Society» declared conception of new art – the art of «debilism» («moronity»), «radical radicalism», «frommushroomism» (improvisation in a moment of track recording; from Russian «Ot griba» - «From mushroom» - not in narcotic mention!) - partly near to modern concepts da-da and freak-art).

«The Society Of Spectacle» (Russian abbreviation «OZ», English «S.O.S.»). Usually on this name apply "epithets" "is musical-literary association", "the profanic conglomerate of arts", "the organization for manufacture/consumption of the phenomena", "fucken spawn", etc., but it is not absolutely exact.

In the center of conception of «S.O.S.» there is a concept of Anti-Catharsis. Anti-Catharsis (as basic element of asocial mentality) is directed against a mass culture, commercialization and art-consumerism, lacks of talent and platitudes in art which as all know, discredits the art as that, and at the same time and against surrealism to keep separate from it and to show it old and crooked. Like cures like - to surpass moronity of a pop-music it is necessary to try!

The «Society Of Spectacle» is founded by O. Shepelyov (writer Alexey A. Shepelyov, author of novels «Echo» (St-Petersburg : Amphora Publishers, 2003) and «Maxximum Exxtremum» (Moscow: Kislorod Publishing House, 2008), poet, doctor of philosophy – dissertation on nimpholepsia in Dostoevsky’s and Nabokov’s fiction) and O. Frolov (Alexander Frolov, musician, actionist, poet and prose writer) in Tambov, Russia, in February, 13 1997.

The music genre of «OZ» works is different: it depends on the album (or single) conception. In OZ music issues there are openly parody elements, as well as serious, sometimes esoteric ones, or synthesis both of them. It is from «near-verbal» experiments (sound poetry, radio performance) and a-la folk-ballad songs to funk-core and live or electronic art-rock and industrial. The most well-known soulmate musicians: Current 93, Primus, Tiger Lillies, "Grazhdanskaya oborona" (Russian «Civil Defense»), "Kommunizm"(Russian «The Communism»), «NOM», Alexander Laertsky, Psoy Korolenko, Korn, Ministry, Laibach, Einsturzende Neubauten.

«The Society Of Spectacle» as a music band (artificially singled out part of «SOS») in a beginning of its great path from mushroom issued three albums of ''''semi-professional quality'''':

''''Ot griba'''' («From Mushroom») (1997),
''''long live long leg! '''' (1998),
''''The Headmaster Of Supreme God OZiris'''' (1998, "sound poetry").
And also mini-albums ''''OZ'''' (1997, live performances and "home industrial")
and ''''From MOST BIGGEST Mushroom '''' (1998, ultra radical moronity).

Literature: the result of over two years working – a book ('''' book '''' as a genre!) '''' Car Service Station ''''Jesus Christ'''' and other creatures of O. Korobkov and of the similars to him'''' (1999). It is the conceptual collected masterpieces: stories, sketches, poems, essays, drawings. This is main and canonic artwork of «OZ».

In January 2008 the second part of the book was realized by authors as a radio spectacle or audio book named «Car Service Station ''''Jesus Christ''''».

A. Shepelyov’s interview (the site of «Oxigen Publishing House»)
A. Shepelyov’s interview (by writer Zakhar Prilepin, the Agency of Political News)
Review on the novel «Echo» in «Znamya» journal http://magazines.russ.ru/znamia/2004/10/uric25.html
Review by Bernhard Sames (on German) on the book of poems «Novokain Ovo»

[ahr002] Evgenij V. Kharitonov - Abebebebe

Catalog: [AHR-002]
Release date: 2008
Artist: Evgenij V. Kharitonov
Title: ABEBEBE (2007-2008) 2 CD
Country: Russia
Keywords: Sound Poetry, Sound Digital Poetry, Text Sound
Performer by, Composer by, Recorded by, Poet by Evgenij V. Kharitonov
Artwork by Yelena Popova (UK)
Recorded: 2007 - 2008
Total Time 83:48
Digital quality: VBR mp3, 128 kbps mp3
Size: 114 mb (full VBR version), 75 mb (128 kbps version)


CD 1 (58:41):
1. Zhddzz Zddduzz (0:45)
2. Argo (2:07)
3. Zjar'! Poema (2006-2008) (7:48)
4. Zzzzpoema Part 1-3 (7:03)
5. Urok Istorii (Krasnyj kovandir Schjors) (2:25)
6. Abstraction C (0:26)
7. Angry Poema Part 1 - 4 (6:10)
8. Ljubitj poesiju v sebja (For Sergej Birjukov) (4:19)
9. Trance-Poem # 18/19 (1:43)
10. Stasi (3:09)
11. Kopejka aka kopeck aka penny (2:05)
12. Evgenij V. Kharitonov - Salut a Charles Amirkhanian (Moscow Church car) (2:48)
13. Fragment Of Life (Vers.2) (0:48)
14. Debate's bureaucrat's (1:42)
15. Trance-Poem # 20 (2:15)
16. Germany: Daughter - Deutsch (New Version) (2:06)
17. Globalization (Cycle "Element Transpositions) (1:28)
18. Lip lip lip poem (2:25)
19. Risk Iskr - Iskr Isk (short vers.) (0:37)
20. Poem Of Wind Part 1-3 (6:10)
21. Sbddt (0:22)

CD 2 (25:07):
1. Putin-Set: Razmyshlenija o politicheskom kurse Rossii-2008 (2:05)
2. IKEA (Vers. 2) (1:10)
3. Mrz (Cycle "Element Transposition's") (1:03)
4. 20//VYZVUCH//20 (2:19)
5. PIACEajuschij mir (Cycle "Element Transposition's") (0:35)
6. Caprice (original vers.) (0:41)
7. Tsvogli Smogli (0:25)
8. Ragu vragu (0:40)
9. Trus vs Truth (Cycle "Element Transposition's") (0:38)
10. Ohjarjukerju Versia 2 (1:56)
11. Zirala (0:57)
12. Krym - Oda (Cycle "Element Transposition's") (0:53)
13. Pseudo English Speech (1:16)
14. IKEA (extra vers.) (1:10)
15. Risk Iskr Long version (Cycle "Element Transposition's") (1:56)
16. Untitled Improvisation (2:16)
17. Saund (Cycle "Element Transpositions) (0:58)
18. Vzrv (Live 25.02.2008) (0:37)
19. Urok Istorii (Schjers) / Sham version (2:52)
20. Star Of Dada (0:22)
21. aBebebebe (Final) (0:18)

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[ahr001] v/a - Lapa Azora 2008

Catalog: [AHR-001]
Release date: March 2008
Artist: various Artists
Title:LAPA AZORA – 1: 2008
Notes: Festival Of Experimental Poetry “Lapa Azora”. Part 2: Sound & Phonetic Poetry
(25.02.2008 Moscow, Zverevsky Center); Curator by Evgenij V. Kharitonov.
Country: Russia, Germany.
Keywords: Sound Poetry, Phonetic Poetry, Text Sound
Total time 79:04
Size: 71 mb


1. Sergej BIRJUKOV (8:28)
2. Vera SAZHINA (9:52)
3. Evgenij V. KHARITONOV (7:15)
4. Valeri SCHERSTJANOI (4:19)
5. Dmitrij STROTSEV (4:00)
6. Danila DAVYDOV (1:58)
7. German VINOGRADOV & Natasha MIKULTI (17:02)
8. Anna ALCHUK (2:45)
9. Dina GATINA (2:21)
10. Vladimir GERTSIK (3:18)
11. Sveta LITVAK (7:59)
12. Alexander BUBNOV (6:21)
13. Natalia AZAROVA (3:26)

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